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Andreas Kontoleon is Professor of Environmental Economics and Public Policy at the University of Cambridge. He holds a PhD in Economics (University College London), a MPhil Economics (University of Cambridge) and a BA in Economics and Philosophy (Athens). Professor Kontoleon's research areas include environmental economics and regulation, micro-econometrics, applied welfare economics, policy evaluation and experimental economics, law and economics and methodological issues in economics. He has mostly worked in the fields of biodiversity, climate change, energy, food security, public health and poverty alleviation. He is co-moderator of BIEOCON, the largest academic network on the economics of biodiversity conservation. He has published on various topics including the value of wildlife species and habitat, the economic evaluation of land use policies in developing countries, the economics of GM foods, as well as papers on conceptual issues from the fields of welfare economics and law and economics issues. His more recent research focuses on using formal policy evaluating techniques (including randomized controlled trails and behavioural experiments), remote sensing data and social network data to assess conservation, livelihood aid and health policies in developing countries.


- The economics of environmental regulation and policy.
- Micro-econometrics, experimental and behavioural economics.
- The economics of biodiversity conservation and management
- Development economics, health economics, analysis of social networks.
- Philosophical and methodological issues in economics.


Key publications: 

Bulte, E., A. Kontoleon J. A. List, T Turley, and M. Voors (2017) From Personalized Exchange Towards Anonymous Trade: A Field Experiment on the Workings of the Invisible Hand,  Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Volume 133, Pages 313–330 (

Bateman IJ, Harwood AR, Mace GM, Watson RT, Abson DJ, Andrews B, Binner A, Crowe A, Day BH, Dugdale S, et al.. Bringing ecosystem services into economic decision-making: land use in the United Kingdom.. Science 341(6141):45-50 05 Jul 2013 (Journal article) Author URL

Morse-Jones S, Bateman IJ, Kontoleon A, Ferrini S, Burgess ND, Turner RK. Stated preferences for tropical wildlife conservation amongst distant beneficiaries: Charisma, endemism, scope and substitution effects. Ecological Economics78:9-18 2012 (Journal article)

Voors M, Bulte E, Kontoleon A, List JA, Turley T. Using Artefactual Field Experiments to Learn about the Incentives for Sustainable Forest Use in Developing Economies. AM ECON REV 101(3):329-333 May 2011 (Journal article) 

Groom, Ben, Andreas Kontoleon, Pauline Grosjean, Timothy Swanson and Shiqiu Zhang) (2010) ‘Relaxing Rural Constraints: A win-win policy for ----environment and poverty in China?’. Oxford Economic Papers, Volume 62, Issue1,  pp. 132-156

Professor of Environmental Economics and Public Policy

Contact Details

Land and Economy, Trinity College
(01223) 339773