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Dr Emma Mawdsley

University Senior Lecturer and Fellow of Newnham College

Human Geographer with a particular interest in the rising powers and the changing politics of development

Departments and Institutes


Key Publications

Mawdsley E. Key Concepts in Development Geography. TIJDSCHRIFT VOOR ECONOMISCHE EN SOCIALE GEOGRAFIE104(2):253-254 Apr 2013 (Journal articleAuthor URL    
Mawdsley E, Savage L, Kim S-M. A 'post-aid world'? Paradigm shift in foreign aid and development cooperation at the 2011 Busan High Level Forum. Geographical Journal 2013 (Journal article)
Mcewan C, Mawdsley E. Trilateral Development Cooperation: Power and Politics in Emerging Aid Relationships. Development and Change 43(6):1185-1209 2012 (Journal article)   
Mawdsley E. Reflections on the Conservative agenda for international development. AREA 43(4):506-507 Dec 2011 (Journal article)   
Mawdsley E. The Trouble with Aid: Why Less Could Mean More for Africa. J INT DEV 23(7):1027-1028 Oct 2011 (Journal article)   
Truelove Y, Mawdsley E. Class and water: discourses of citizenship and criminality in clean, green Delhi. In A Companion to the Anthropology of India. Princeton Universtiy Press 2011 (Chapter)
Truelove Y, Mawdsley E. Discourses of Citizenship and Criminality in Clean, Green Delhi. A Companion to the Anthropology of India 407-425 2011 (Journal article)
Mawdsley E. The changing geographies of foreign aid and development cooperation: Contributions from gift theory. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 2011 (Journal article)
Mawdsley E. The Conservatives, the Coalition and international development. Area 43(4):506-507 2011 (Journal article)  
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