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Peadar Brehony

Peadar  Brehony

PhD Student

Departments and Institutes


Research Interests

Current PhD research: "Socio-ecological resilience to drought and the role of conservation in the Kenya-Tanzania borderland."

The Kenya-Tanzania borderland supports some of the richest wildlife populations on earth through a network of community rangelands and protected areas. In the Kenyan context, community conservancies play a role in wildlife conservation and land management. There is a perception among communities in these semi-arid pastoral lands that drought impacts are worsening, due to increasing drought frequency and restrictions on coping mechanisms.

My research will use socio-ecological systems theory and a resilience lens to investigate how resilience to drought is changing in these rangelands, and will investigate the role that conservation plays in this context.

My other research interests include the role of community based monitoring in resource management; large landscape conservation; human-wildlife coexistence (and reducing conflict); the politics of conservation; and food production and society.

I also believe in the importance of building capacity in conservation, particularly with regards to communities who bear the greatest costs in conservation efforts and I'm involved in ongoing efforts to provide these opportunities.


Key Publications

2015 - 2016: Technical Advisor for PAMS Foundation, Tanzania

2013 - 2015: Overall Coordinator of the Kenya-Tanzania Borderland Conservation Initiative

2012 - 2013: Information Coordinator of the Kenya-Tanzania Borderland Conservation Initiative and Lale'enok Resource Centre

2012: Researcher for the Wildlife Conservation Society in the Congo Basin Coast Project

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