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Conservation Research Institute



I have arrived in Geography via the Biological Sciences (BA) and History and Philosophy of Science (MSci). The common theme throughout my studies and work has been the natural environment and its protection. My Masters dissertation explored the disenchantment and re-enchantment of nature, and their implications for environmental motivation. I have since collaborated in research investigating conservationists' views on where, why and how to conserve, as well as the political ecology of using camera traps for conservation. I am also very interested in the relationship between literature and landscape, and co-run the CCI Book Club.


My PhD research focuses on the values underlying nature conservation. Some of the core questions within this research include the extent to which values shape conservationists’ views on conservation, how these values differ between various stakeholders, and the role of places and landscapes in shaping those values.


Key publications: 

Sandbrook, C., Fisher, J., Holmes, G., Luque-Lora, R. and Keane, A., 2019. The conservation movement is diverse but not divided. Nature Sustainability

Sandbrook, C., Luque-Lora, R. and Adams, W., 2018. Human bycatch: conservation surveillance and the social implications of camera traps. Conservation and Societydoi:10.4103/cs.cs_17_165

Teaching and Supervisions


1B Ecology (Natural Sciences Tripos), 2016, 2018

Geographical region

South America
PhD Candidate


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Research keywords: 
Landscape Ecology