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Dr Ivan Scales

Dr Ivan Scales

Sir Harvey McGrath Lecturer

Office Phone: 01223 338 374

Departments and Institutes


Research Interests

Ivan Scales is a geographer at St Catharine’s College, University of Cambridge. He specialises in environment and development issues, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa. His research emphasizes the role of political, cultural and economic factors in shaping the way natural resources are valued, used, and contested. Current research projects investigate the diversity of environmental values; agriculture and food security; tropical deforestation; and community-based approaches to conservation.

Key Publications

Scales, I.R. ed (2014) Conservation and Environmental Management in Madagascar, Routledge, London
Scales, I.R. (2015) ‘Paying for nature: What every conservationist should know about political economy’ Oryx 49, 226-231
Watts, N. and Scales, I.R. (2015) ‘Seeds, agricultural systems and socio-natures: Towards an actor-network theory informed political ecology of agriculture’ Geography Compass 9, 225-236
Lau, J.D. and Scales, I.R. (2016) ‘Identity, subjectivity and natural resource use: How ethnicity, gender and class intersect to influence mangrove oyster harvesting in The Gambia' Geoforum 69, 136-146 
Scales, I.R. (2017) ‘Tropical forests, politics, and power: from colonial concessions to carbon credits’ The Brown Journal of World Affairs 23, 191-206
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