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Trained as an economist, Bhaskar’s  research is concerned, in particular, with the often-hidden costs of environmental and developmental processes, and the need for scholarship to draw attention to the distributional consequences of public policy choices. His work brings a critical political economy perspective to contemporary debates in relation to ecosystem services and natural capital, and the values of nature for human wellbeing. He has over twenty five years of experience working on conservation, environment and development issues in India. In 2018, he was honoured with the Royal Geographical Society’s Busk Medal, in recognition of his contributions to interdisciplinary research on environment and development.


Political economy; environment and development; governance of natural resources; forests and ecosystem services; natural capital.


Key publications: 

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Teaching and Supervisions

  • Geographical Tripos (undergraduate)
  • MPhil in Conservation Leadership

Other Professional Activities

  • Fellow and Graduate Tutor, Fitzwilliam College
  • Council Member, Fauna & Flora International
  • Trustee, Gates Cambridge Trust

Geographical region

South Asia
South East Asia
Professor of Political Economy
Director, University of Cambridge Conservation Research Institute