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I am an interdisciplinary scientist working with Professor Bhaskar Vira on incorporating biodiversity into the natural capital framework, by using ecological and social science approaches. I am especially interested in valuing the non-material and intangible benefits of nature, combining a diverse range of values and moving beyond economic valuations. Originally trained as an ecologist, I have considerable experience in incorporating social science data into conservation research and statistical analysis in R.

Previously for my PhD, I worked on using an ecosystem services approach to protect freshwater ecosystems. The project was interdisciplinary and involved using methods from ecology, ecotoxicology and social sciences. Due to my bilingual fluency in English and Mandarin, I have worked on several ecological and conservation-based projects in China since my undergraduate degree. These have included investigating illegal fishing behaviour in Yangtze fishermen, collecting local ecological knowledge from ethnic minorities and using contingent valuation to investigate ecosystem services.


  • Natural Capital
  • Ecosystem Services
  • Interdisciplinary Research


Key publications: 

Pan, Y., Marshall, S. and Maltby, L. (2016) Prioritising ecosystem services in Chinese rural and urban communities. Ecosystem Services, 21, 1-5

Pan, Y., Wei, G., Cunningham, A.A., Li, S., Chen, S., Milner-Gulland, E.J. and Turvey, S.T. (2016) Using local ecological knowledge to assess the status of the Critically Endangered Chinese giant salamander Andrias davidianus in Guizhou Province, China, Oryx, 50, 257–264

Newbold, T., Hudson, L.N., Hill, S.L.L., Contu, S., Lysenko, I., Senior, R.A., Borger, L., Bennett, D.J., Choimes, A., Collen, B., Day, J., De Palma, A., Diaz, S., Echeverria-Londono, S., Edgar, M.J., Feldman, A., Garon, M., Harrison, M.L.K., Alhusseini, T., Ingram, D.J., Itescu, Y., Kattge, J., Kemp, V., Kirkpatrick, L., Kleyer, M., Correia, D.L.P., Martin, C.D., Meiri, S., Novosolov, M., Pan, Y., Phillips, H.R.P., Purves, D.W., Robinson, A., Simpson, J., Tuck, S.L., Weiher, E., White, H.J., Ewers, R.M., Mace, G.M., Scharlemann, J.P.W., Purvis, A. (2015) Global effects of land use on local terrestrial biodiversity, Nature, 520, 45–50

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East Asia
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The David Attenborough Building, Pembroke Street


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Natural Capital