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Professor Laura Diaz Anadon

Professor Laura Diaz Anadon

Professor of Climate Change Policy

Bye-fellow at Peterhouse

Departments and Institutes

Land Economy:

Research Interests

Prof. Anadon has three main areas of research: The first area of research is on understanding on energy and environment-oriented technological innovation, which seeks to: identify and quantify the diverse benefits that derive from policies designed to promote it; map the complex factors—including but not limited to policies—that contribute to it; and create tools for policymakers and analysts to manage the systemic uncertainties that accompany it. Her second area of research focuses on the study of public innovation institutions in the climate and energy space and how to improve their effectiveness in various places across the globe. A third area of focus is the study the coupling between water and energy systems and its implications for policy-making, with a particular emphasis on the United States, China, and the Middle East and North Africa region. Her work on climate, energy, and innovation policy and systems analysis has resulted in over 30 journal articles (including Nature Energy, PNAS, Research Policy, Nature Climate Change, Environmental Science & Technology, Risk Analysis, Climatic Change, Environmental Research Letters, and Energy Economics), a 2014 edited Cambridge University Press book entitled “Transforming U.S. Energy Innovation”, a forthcoming book on science and technology policy and partnerships in the Gulf, and 6 book chapters. Anadon has also published in chemical engineering and nuclear magnetic resonance journals.  Prof. Anadon is the lead of one of the 5 research working packages of a recently-awarded a collaborative EU-funded H2020 project: “Innovation pathways, strategies and policies for the Low-Carbon Transition in Europe.”

Other Professional Activities

Prof. Anadon has engaged with policy makers in the United States, China, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Mexico, among other countries, and contributed to the UN Global Sustainable Development report and the Global Energy Assessment. She was on the advisory board of the project on "Accelerating Energy Innovation" at the International Energy Agency and has worked as a consultant for various organisations (i.e., Climate Strategies on a World Bank project, UNFCCC, EU, and OECD). She was selected by the Packard Foundation in 2014 as a thought leader in innovation and energy in a project about innovative roles for philanthropy, and has given numerous international invited seminars and plenary talks.

Key Publications

Anadon, LD, Baker, ED, Bosetti, V. “Integrating uncertainty into public energy research and development decisions.” Nature Energy2, 17071 (2017) doi:10.1038/nenergy.2017.71.

Anadon, LD, Chan, G, Harley, A, Matus, K, Moon, S, Murthy, S, Clark, W. “Making Innovation Work for Sustainable Development”. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. vol. 113 no. 35, 9682–9690. (2016).

Anadon, LD, Chan, G, Bin-Nun, A, Narayanamurti, V. “The pressing energy innovation challenge of the U.S. national labs.” Nature Energy. 1, 16117, September 12 (2016).

Nemet, GF, Anadon, LD, Verdolini, E. ‘Quantifying the effects of expert selection and elicitation design on experts’ confidence in their judgments about future energy technologies.’ Risk Analysis (2016). In press. (All authors contributed equally).

Zhang, C, Anadon, LD, Mo, H, Zhao, Z, Liu, Z. ‘The water-carbon tradeoff of China’s coal power industry.’ Environmental Science & Technology 48(19) (2014), pp. 11082-11089.

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