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Conservation Research Institute

Professor in Aquatic Ecology
01223 (3)34436
C-EENRG Director
C-EENRG Area Leader: Climate Change and Energy Policy
Professor of Climate Change Policy
Professor Andrew  Balmford
Professor of Conservation Science
01223 (3)31770
Professor Stephen  Connor
Director of CRASSH
Grace 2 Professor of English
Professor David A Coomes
Director of the University of Cambridge Conservation Research Institute
Head of Forest Ecology and Conservation Group
01223 333911
Institute Administrator
01223 760559
University Lecturer in Animal Ecology
Dr Laurie Friday
Research Programme Manager, Centre for Landscape Regeneration
Professor of Earth Systems Science and Fellow of Clare College
Director of the Doctoral Programme
+44 (0)1223 765363
Professor of Structural and Molecular Biology
Senior Lecturer in Conservation Leadership
01223 766574
Miriam Rothschild Professor of Conservation Biology
01223 (3)36686
Head of Department of Geography
Founder of the Conservation Research Institute
01223 339823