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Conservation Research Institute


The ECR Programme at the University of Cambridge Conservation Research Institute equips graduate students and postdoctoral researchers with skills and support in an interdisciplinary and collaborative research setting.

This program enhances their insights, methodologies, and collaboration across departments and the entire university. It is tailored for those addressing conservation broadly, appealing to researchers from diverse disciplines across all six Schools (Arts and Humanities, Biological Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Humanities and Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Technology). It offers a variety of learning methods to promote active engagement and cross-disciplinary understanding. Workshops and informal networking events allow participants to connect with conservation-focused researchers from various fields, fostering potential collaborations in research.

The CRI Early Career Researcher Programme Archive 2022/23

Friday 24th Feb 2023, 2 pm - 4 pm

Public Engagement - Why, Who, and What?

Lucinda Spokes, Head of Public Engagement, Office of External Affairs and Communications, University of Cambridge, Run jointly with the Global Food Security IRC.

"Public engagement is increasingly seen as an important part of a research career. It can inform and inspire and, when done in collaboration with communities and stakeholders, it can improve research and make it more relevant. In this session we’ll introduce you to the why, who and what of public engagement, ways to plan an effective project and outline the support and opportunities available to you at Cambridge."


Friday, 19 May 2023 - 10 am to 2 pm

Career Pathways Workshop

Jointly run with the NERC-DTP programme

The Early Career Researcher Programme 2020/21

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, the ECR Programme 2020/21 was hosted on. Every session was recorded and where available, the links are provided with their corresponding event.

Fri 16 Oct
2pm - 3pm 

Meet the Researchers

Part of the CRI Conference, presentations from key academics were followed by an overview of the research including: Professor Laura Diaz AnadonProfessor David CoomesDr Andrew FriendDr Leo Zhaoyang LiuProfessor Bill SutherlandDr Chris Sandbrook and Professor Bhaskar Vira. 

Workshop Recording

Fri 30 Oct 
11am - 12.30pm 
Grant Writing Workshop - Professor Bhaskar Vira

Professor Vira provided an overview for those thinking about writing grant applications or wanting to prepare for when the time comes.

Workshop Recording 

Fri 22 Jan
12pm - 2pm
Conservation and Human Behaviour - Dr Claudia Schneider

This session explored the psychology underlying human behaviour generally as well as applied to the context of conservation, such as barriers that prevent and levers that can motivate pro-environmental action.

Fri 5 February 12pm - 1pm
Systematic Review and Evidence Synthesis - Dr Phil Martin
Evidence synthesis is vital for informing decisions on the environment. This interactive workshop demonstrated how to conduct a robust systematic review, synthesise evidence, and assess different types of biases. Using case-studies to show how synthesis can address major global questions and explore cutting-edge tools to improve and speed up systematic review
Fri 19 Feb
12pm - 1pm
A more in depth discussion on doing research at a distance discussed in the first session on 13 November.
Fri 5 Mar
11am - 1pm
User-Centred Design - Alice Lawrence

This session gave an overview of user-centred design (UCD): a process whereby the enduser is involved in the design of an interface or document. Using a case study from the field of medical communications to explore the different steps of UCD, and how it has been applied within conservation.

Workshop Recording

Thur - Fri 11 - 12 Mar
Media Workshop

This is a two half-day online Media Workshop was designed specifically for ECR's to build their research profile in the non-specialised media. The training was given by ex-BBC journalists with decades of experience. In this hands-on-course attendees prepared exercises and interviews tailored for their research.

Fri 30 Apr
11am - 1pm
Moving Methods Online - Lucy Goodman
Attendees learned more about how to do social science research when travel and face-to-face was limited during the pandemic. From ethical to logistics issues, this session facilitated peer-to-peer learning as they took a deep dive into one case study that used zoom to facilitate a Q methodology study done entirely online.  
Fri 14 May 12pm - 1pm

Policy Analysis - Professor Laura Diaz-Anadon

Professor Laura Diaz-Anadon lead this workshop on how to examine and evaluate the available options to implement the goals generated by government policies and policy makers.

Fri 21 May 10am - 1pm

Career Pathways

Discussion on how attendees skills learned during their PhD can help plan their next career step. Attendees explored various aspects of career development within and outside academia. Recieveing advice on seeking funding & applying for jobs. They discussed options around whether to pursue an academic career or enter a different sector? Speakers from different sectors shared their journey taken after their PhD’s.

Fri 11 June 12pm - 1pm

Creative Communication - Carmyn de Jonge

This workshop was designed for those looking to explore effective communication through versatile designs of poster, booklets and presentations.