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Biodiversity in the Future Earth

This theme deals with how concerns about nature and the conservation of biological diversity engage with broader drivers of socioeconomic and environmental change. It is concerned, in particular, with understanding the historical, contemporary and future contexts for conservation as a contested social practice, as well as how novel approaches and technologies are changing conservation policy and practice.


People specializing in this area

Name Phone Email Research Topic
Doherty, Anya
Academic Staff (including PostDocs)
Name Phone Email Research Topic
Adams, Bill
Aldridge, David
Apostolopoulou, Elia
Balmford, Andrew
Barnes, Richard
Carey, Peter
Chambers, Josie
Coomes, David
Curry, Helen
Disney, Henry
Glover, Beverley
Green, Rhys
Kontoleon, Andreas
Peñasco, Cristina
Rentfrow, Jason
Salas, Pablo
Sandbrook, Chris
Scales, Ivan 01223 338 374
Shackelford, Gorm
Smith, Rebecca
Sutherland, William
Tanentzap, Andrew
Vira, Bhaskar 01223 339823
Viñuales, Jorge
Wood, James
Zellweger, Florian
Zhang, Yan
Graduate Students
Name Phone Email Research Topic
Alves-Pinto, Helena
Bartlett, Harriet
Bongalov, Boris
Christie, Alec
Garnett, Emma
Goodman, Lucy
Guizar Coutiño, Alejandro
McCarthy, Arlie
Miller, Eleanor
Ochieng Nyumba, Tobias
Thomas, Anne
Toro-Valdivieso, Constanza
Tun, Kyaw
Wang, Yifu
Wong, Karen
Name Phone Email Research Topic
Amano, Tatsuya
Bennun, Leon
Mercure, Jean-Francois
Visconti, Piero