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Conservation Across Protected and Productive Landscapes

Research under this theme focuses on alternative landscape management approaches, ranging from strict protection of natural and semi-natural areas to conversion and intensified production in agricultural systems, and the implications of these alternatives for the conservation of biological diversity, livelihoods and wellbeing. Work includes a focus on institutions and governance regimes, and a recognition of the complex political economy of decision making in coupled social and ecological systems.


People specializing in this area

Academic Staff (including PostDocs)
Name Phone Email Research Topic
Adams, Bill
Aldridge, David
Anadon, Laura
Apostolopoulou, Elia
Balmford, Andrew
Barnes, Richard
Bayliss-Smith, Tim (01223 3) 38715
Carey, Peter
Carmenta, Rachel


Chambers, Josie
Coomes, David
Geldmann, Jonas
Green, Rhys
Hodge, Ian
Hua , Fangyuan
Kontoleon, Andreas
Meng, Jing
Moeller, Iris
Paim, Maria Augusta
Rocha, Ricardo
Salas, Pablo
Sandbrook, Chris
Scales, Ivan 01223 338 374
Shackelford, Gorm
Smith, Rebecca
Sutherland, William
Swinfield, Tom
Tanentzap, Andrew
Turner, Edgar
Veal, Robyn
Vira, Bhaskar 01223 339823
Worthington, Thomas
Graduate Students
Name Phone Email Research Topic
Alves-Pinto, Helena
Bartlett, Harriet
Brehony, Peadar
Brian, Joshua
Collas, Lydia
Cooke, Sophia
Correa, Roberto
Goodman, Lucy
Guizar Coutiño, Alejandro
Jeary, Katy
Kasoar, Tim
McCarthy, Arlie
Miller, Eleanor
Ochieng Nyumba, Tobias
Tang, Feng
Tun, Kyaw
Wauchope, Hannah
Willer, David
Williams, Jon
Name Phone Email Research Topic
Amano, Tatsuya
Bennun, Leon
Johnston, Alison